A website now exists that is a private online network called Nextdoor Nantucket. Neighbors can share crime/safety concerns, recommendations, ideas, etc. (it might be described as a private, mini-facebook for Nantucket residents only)
Click here: https://nantucket.nextdoor.com/choose_address and answer a few questions to verify residency to join. Options are available for frequency of emails; e.g. crime info immediately, other items weekly, etc.

The NPA board voted to inform residents of this website, but will still maintain the current email listserve system for important neighborhood news. Nextdoor Nantucket is totally voluntary (as is listserve, but the board encourages neighborhood participation/communication). If Nextdoor proves popular in the future, we will consider asking all on listserve to join instead of maintaining two systems. Lastly, please do not use for commercial/business advertising.