Daniel Grimes

Works for <a href='http://tdi-bi.com' title='TDI-Brooks International Scientific Services on a Global Basis'>TDI-Brooks International Inc.</a>.


The spending of up to $3000 to stock fish in the lake was approved at the annual meeting in January. Several residents have supplemented that amount with personal donations. If you would like to make a donation towards that effort, please contact Bernie Bernard at:  berniebernard@tdi-bi.com. If you are interested in serving on the lake…


A website now exists that is a private online network called Nextdoor Nantucket. Neighbors can share crime/safety concerns, recommendations, ideas, etc. (it might be described as a private, mini-facebook for Nantucket residents only) Click here: https://nantucket.nextdoor.com/choose_address and answer a few questions to verify residency to join. Options are available for frequency of emails; e.g. crime info immediately, other…

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