The park and lake are part of our HOA Common areas, as are the main entrance and the area between the dam and the frontage road of Hwy 6.  Use of these Common areas is restricted to our homeowners and their accompanied guests and we encourage our homeowners to enjoy them.  The Nantucket park is fenced and has a gate for foot, bike, and motorized traffic. It is maintained with the gate locked.  Homeowners may obtain a park gate key from our HOA Management Company, found here.

The Lake & Park Committee is responsible for the functional and aesthetic maintenance and improvements of Nantucket Lake and its park, both designated as Commons to be managed by our HOA.

Lake:  In 2015 Mark Johnson presented a fish stocking proposal to spend $3,000 of HOA funds, and we also solicited donors to supplement the these funds. The board subsequently approved the expenditure of $3,000 and another $3,000 was raised by private donations. Mark Johnson and Ken Knauer stocked lake with bluegill, then bass, over the summer of 2015. The committee believes that the lake still needs vegetation for better cover to support the bass.

Park:  The board put the park back on a regular mowing schedule starting in July 2017. The committee in 2017 started an initiative to improve the aesthetics of the park by trimming the trees and better maintaining the waterline.

Dam Commons:  In August 2017 the Board asked the committee to work with the Maintenance Committee to improve the aesthetics of the common area between the dam and the Hwy 6 frontage road. Trees were subsequently trimmed and we starting mowing the grass at regular intervals, so that this common area is now suitable for recreation. Improvements are on-going.

For more information, please contact Bernie Bernard (


Fish Survey of Nantucket Lake: A class from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at Texas A&M University conducted a fish survey in the fall of 2004.

Fish Survey 2004

Another survey was conducted in the fall of 2009, again by TAMU students.

Fish Survey 2009


Park Rules

  • For use by Nantucket subdivision home/lot owners and their guests only.
  • Daylight hour use only.
  • Guest must be accompanied by a home/lot owner, or must have a note from the home/lot owner, or the home/lot owner’s Nantucket dash board placard that verifies that they are their guest.
  • All fires must be in barbecue pits.
  • All non-food trash must placed in trash receptacles or removed from the property.
  • Leftover food should not be disposed in trash receptacles due to stray animals.
  • Parking is only allowed within fenced area along park road and in parking area near boat house.
  • Boats can only be launched at designated launch ramp to the south side of the boat house.
  • All activities should conform to reasonable noise limits.

Lake Rules