Urgent Notice from Ward Wells, President:

The Board of Directors for the Nantucket Preservation Association (HOA) was requested to set a meeting for the neighborhood . The purpose is to provide an opportunity for people to have an up-date on issues relative to various proposals for the Arrington/Harpers Ferry roads and intersections. We will have two presentations by a couple of neighborhood groups that have been involved with these issues for several years plus comments by myself to help clarify the current safety improvements to Arrington and the proposal coming before the city of College Station from the county to realign a minor connector from the Margraves Development to Harpers Ferry. We will then go into a Q&A session to answer specific questions. All of you have had or been party to numerous meetings, discussions in private and public forums over the past few years. I have found many of us are having a hard time discerning fact from fiction. Issues or so called solutions discussed a year ago may have totally changed in recent months, thus the need to meet.

The meeting will be on Saturday, September 30 at 9:00AM at the park. Weather should be pleasant in the high 60s. You may want to bring chairs.

Because of the short unofficial notification for the meeting, and no ability to establish a quorum no official business can be conducted.

Ward Wells, President
Nantucket Preservation Association